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Innovative in our use of colour and style matched with high quality construction, Anna Nova accessories has maintained a leading edge by continually searching out the best in overseas trends, and carefully selecting superior products to provide the quality fashion accessories that our retailers and customers expect.


The Anna Nova accessory range is unique in its styling and very competitively priced. Our collections consist of jewellery, bags, purses and scarves suitable for all tastes. To find out more, express your interest here.


Journie has been inspired by the pioneering spirit, far flung destinations and wayward curiosities, each handbag tells a story through a symphony of textural delights.


Every Journie tells a unique story through the combination of luxury fabrics, avant-garde flair and its exotic embellishment.


Ella Grace is the encapsulation of timeless elegance. With designer statement necklaces, comprising of Czech and Swarovski crystals, beads and natural stones; intricately woven into glamorous boutique jewellery, each piece comes with its very own velvet pouch that give the impression of elegance, beauty and glamour.

"Timeless elegance, beauty and glamour"