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The face of design by Annanova


former lawyer

turned fashion designer.

Initially, Anna & John ran their business from home-beginning with a small collection of jewellery and accessories espanding into handbags under the journie label. Just eight years later, 19 seasons of the Anna Nova Collection can be found in stockists across Australia and New Zealand, with the intention of debuting Anna Nova for the first time in the us this year.

Innovative selection of color and style - Anna Nova has a leading edge in providing outstanding fashion accessories to retailers offering high quality material and equally high quality technique. This is shown in our jewellery, wallets, scarves, designer handbags 'Journie' and designer statement pieces 'Ella Grace'.

Our brand is available throughout Australia and New Zealand. Followers are eager to see our release of two seasons a year autumn/winter and spring/summer. It is also supplied throughout UK division to retailers in the UK and Europe.